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Amitiptylin is alsusd ttat ating disods, post-hptic nualgia (th buning, stabbing pains, achs that may last months yas at a shingls inction), and tpvnt migain hadachs. Talk tyou doctabout th possibl isks using this mdication you condition.

Patints should b individually titatd tth dos that povids adquat analgsia with tolabl advs dug actions. Gnally, th lowst ctiv dos should b usd th shotst duation quid ttat th symptoms.

Duing chonic us and at administation in th inal wks pgnancy, nonatal withdawal symptoms can occu. This may includ iitability, hyptonia , tmo, igula bathing, podinking and loud cying and possibly anticholingic symptoms (uinay tntion, constipation).

It is impotant you tkp a wittn list all th psciption and nonpsciption (ov-th-count) mdicins you a taking, as wll as any poducts such as vitamins, minals, oth ditay supplmnts. You should bing this list with you ach tim you visit a docti you a admittd ta hospital. It is alsimpotant inomation tcay with you in cas mgncis.

In th past, whn it was usd dpssion, many womn took amitiptylin in pgnancy bcaus thi dpssion symptoms w sv. W thhav a lot inomation on this mdication in pgnancy. Th isk tth baby is vy small, spcially as th doss w us pain a much low than thos usd in th past. Howv, w commnd that you stop this mdication i you a tying tgt pgnant sthat th is nisk tth baby at all. W alscommnd that you us contacption whil on amitiptylin i you a sxually activ.

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